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Grazia is a weekly women's magazine that originated in Italy with international editions printed in Albania, Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Colombia, France, Germany. Greece, Indonesia, India, Jordan, Macedonia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Pakistan, Serbia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, and the United Kingdom.

According to BBC In November 2017, Grazia is the latest UK magazine to be criticized for airbrushing the hair of black women. Lupita Nyong'o complained she'd been made more "Eurocentric" on the front cover. Musician Solange Knowles fell out with the Evening Standard after it airbrushed her braids from an image.


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Barista (Former Employee) says

"I quit a secure job at Dunelm Mill because the owners of a new independent offered me more flexible hours and increased wage. Cons: Everything"

Online Editor (Former Employee) says

"Great place to work. Great co-workers. Very stressful deadlines. Very creative. Lot's of opportunities to grow. Great exposure and the opportunity to interact with influencers."

Diogo says

"Attention, subscription trap! I am partly using this review here to continue the documentation that I DID NOT AUTHORIZE this. I am a victim of fraud, like so many others on this thread. I will not be bullied into paying for something I did not ever want. I really wonder how this is even possible in a country with all the restrictions and consumer protection."

Temmie Seun says

"I received a letter from PVZ Pressevertriebszentrale GmbH & Co. KG on the 5th Sept 2020 stating that I should pay the sum 238,56 EUR before 10.09.2020; the letter stated that I subscribed to a magazine called Grazia. Honestly, I can't remember signing up for such and I haven't even received any newspaper. This is fraudulent and very bad. My lawyer will definitely take this up"

Hasti Honarvar says

"It's a scam. They call you and then it's a game over for you."

Hilda says

"18.08.2020 I also have the same thing. I never subscribed to this but they also keep sending me magazines and I even got the bill now. 19.08.2020 I sent the cancellation via Email and snailmail and they said it can only be cancelled after 1 year. This is really a scam. I'll report this to the authority, this is illegal. 20.08.2020 I checked again the magazine they sent me and I checked whether there is such an information how and when to cancel properly, there is NO such information, not even a customer number, PVZ phone number, or any other contacts. And in the first place, there was never a contract being signed, I have no idea how this could be legal. I'm still waiting for them to take care of this problem and will update it here. So, no one else got trapped into the same problem. 21.08.2020 Now that PVZ is saying that they have no responsibility in concluding the contract but they are only responsible for the invoice and delivery. However, I can copy paste your email that cancel my contract by next year, see below. What kind of system is this? You can END my contract but you're not responsible for initiating it? Where is the legal base of this? 25.08.2020 The case is finally closed after a few more emails. Thank you PVZ for finally does something that's fair. Stockelsdorf, den 19. August 2020 Abonnement : Grazia Kundennummer : 306573401 wir nehmen Bezug auf Ihre Mitteilung vom 18.08.2020. Der Widerruf erfolgte verspätet. Wir bitten um Verständnis. Hiermit bestätigen wir Ihnen die Kündigung des Abonnements. Die Belieferung endet im Monat Juni 2021. Sollte Ihnen die bestellte Zeitschrift gar nicht zusagen, besteht die Möglichkeit, innerhalb Ihres Abonnements auf eine andere Zeitschrift umzubestellen. Falls Interesse daran besteht, fordern Sie bitte unsere Angebotsliste an. Beste Grüße Ihr PVZ-Kundenservice"

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